Celebrating as OneKeppel

Over 200 Keppelites participated in the Keppel 50 Charity Run in celebration of Keppel Corporation’s 50th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, Keppel made a $1 million donation to President’s Challenge 2018. Guest-of-Honour President Halimah Yacob received the cheque of $1 million on behalf of President’s Challenge.

On 7 July 2018, Keppelites from across the Group gathered at opposite ends of Singapore at the break of dawn, eagerly anticipating the start of the Keppel 50 Charity Run. Organised by Keppelite Recreation Club, the 50 km charity run is one of the company’s key events to commemorate Keppel Corporation’s golden jubilee.

The run, which was conducted in a relay format, had two routes – the eastern route flagged off at the Keppel DHCS plant at Changi Business Park and passed by Bugis Junction Towers, where Keppel Land and Keppel Capital are located; whereas the western route started from Keppel Offshore & Marine at Gul Road and passed by the headquarters of Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation.

The two routes converged at Keppel Bay Tower, the headquarters of Keppel Corporation. Runners and senior management cheered on as the batons were passed to Dr Lee Boon Yang, Chairman of Keppel Corporation, and Mr Loh Chin Hua, CEO of Keppel Corporation, who led the 200-strong contingent on its final leg to Keppel Bay, where participants crossed the finish line together as OneKeppel.


Dr Lee Boon Yang (second from right), Chairman of Keppel Corporation, presented a cheque of $1 million to President Halimah Yacob (centre), who received the donation on behalf of President’s Challenge at the Keppel 50 Charity Run. Witnessing the cheque presentation were Mr Loh Chin Hua (rightmost), CEO of Keppel Corporation, Mr Chew Hock Yong (second from left), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development and Mr Sim Gim Guan (leftmost), CEO of National Council of Social Service

To commemorate this special occasion, Keppel Corporation made a $1 million donation to President’s Challenge in support of its programmes to empower vulnerable groups in Singapore. Dr Lee presented the cheque of $1 million to President Halimah Yacob, who received the donation on behalf of President’s Challenge at the charity run.

In his address, Dr Lee said, “Over the years, Keppel has grown, expanded overseas, and diversified into a multi-business company, providing solutions for sustainable urbanisation. However, we continue to cherish our heritage and roots as a ship repair yard, on the Southern waterfront of Singapore.

“It is therefore very appropriate that this morning, in support of President’s Challenge, over 200 Keppelites completed a 50 km relay, starting from Keppel’s business units on the Eastern and Western ends of Singapore, before converging at Keppel Bay…The run is also symbolic of Keppelites across business units coming together, collaborating as OneKeppel, as we take the company forward.”

Dr Lee added, “We are committed to making a positive impact on the community wherever we operate. Hence, to mark Keppel’s 50th anniversary, we are pleased to make a contribution of $1 million through Keppel Care Foundation to President’s Challenge, to support its important efforts to assist and serve vulnerable groups.”

President Halimah said, “I am heartened that Keppel has chosen to celebrate its 50th anniversary by giving back to society, and helping the less privileged among us. I hope that companies in Singapore will continue to give generously, not only with financial support, but through volunteerism and sharing of knowledge and expertise.”

Mr Lim Tow Fok, President of KRC and GM of Property Management at Keppel Land, shared, “The Keppel 50 Charity Run sets the perfect stage for Keppelites from across the Group to forge closer bonds by completing a run together, while contributing to a meaningful cause. The camaraderie among the runners as they encouraged and cheered each other on was truly remarkable.”

Added one of the runners, Liu Yao, Engineer at Keppel Singmarine, “While the run was tiring, the sense of collective pride in crossing the finish line together with other Keppelites made it all worthwhile.”

The restored King’s Dock plaque was unveiled at the event


The Keppel 50 Charity Run also saw the unveiling of the historic King’s Dock plaque. The plaque was laid over a century ago, to commemorate the opening of King’s Dock in 1913 by Sir Arthur Henderson Young, then Governor and Commander in Chief of the Straits Settlements. King’s Dock was at that time the second largest dock in the world.

The plaque was removed during the redevelopment of Keppel Bay close to 20 years ago. To mark Keppel’s golden jubilee, the marble plaque has been restored and will be displayed near King’s Dock, to share with the public the historical significance of this location.


President Halimah Yacob (seated, centre), Dr Lee Boon Yang (standing, rightmost), Chairman of Keppel Corporation and Mr Loh Chin Hua (standing, third from left), CEO of Keppel Corporation, joined Keppel’s beneficiaries from Monfort Care and Care Corner in a moss art activity

Keppel Volunteers also held an intergenerational crafts workshop at the event to share this special occasion with children from Care Corner and seniors from Montfort Care. Each child was paired with a senior, and under the guidance of a volunteer, worked on a moss art piece and filled ‘Happiness Jars’ with sweet treats together.

The whole room buzzed with excitement as President Halimah joined in the moss art activity. For man of the beneficiaries and volunteers, it was their first time meeting the President, and they were eager for her to view their creative works.

Jessica Leong, Marketing Manager, Keppel Land, shared, “We cherished this opportunity to host both the elderly and children at the same Keppel Volunteers event. A lot of effort and thought went towards ensuring that the activities were meaningful, and it was indeed touching to see the seniors and children exchange ‘Jars of Happiness’. Of course, the highlight for all of us was meeting President Halimah.”

Chirped 10-year-old Ameliya Sofiya, “I felt special when presenting the President with the flowers. The President also joined my table while we were doing moss art and I felt very happy.”